What is this?

Sackson Web Data is a plugin which collects key aspects about your website. Whether you have 1 website or 100 websites, you can install this plugin and track the key metrics about WordPress website. These metrics include things like security issues, SEO settings, and performance settings.

What problem does it solve?

You might have inherited the management of a WordPress website. You might have had a WordPress website for a long time. You might work on multiple websites, changing settings and sometimes forgetting to change those settings back to the original.

This plugin will monitor your key settings and alert you if your site or site(s) have any issues that need attention.

What issues and settings are monitored?

The Sackson Web Data plugin will monitor many things, but here is a small selection of what it will help you monitor:

  • Technical helps
    • Time Zone
    • Theme
  • SEO helps
    • Is site set to public
  • Security settings
    • Are errors set to display publicly
    • Does an error log exist
    • Can bots and people create accounts on your site
    • PHP version
    • WP Version
  • Many other things that you may want to track and be sure all your sites are consistent.

How can I get more information?

Please contact us at info@homesnaps.com